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Awarding Pitching Success

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The Popovich Decision

Nov. 29 2012 will be a day forever remembered for a decision with severe consequence. The San Antonio Spurs were set to play the Miami Heat in a nationally televised game on TNT in a perennial Finals preview. However, a few hours before tip, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich decided to send stars Tim Duncan, Tony […]

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Strasburg Decision a Debate No More

Stick a fork in it, the Stephen Strasburg debate is over. With the benefit of seeing how the Nationals season ended, there is a fairly strong case that his participation on the team (had the team allowed him to keep pitching in the 2012 season), would have no bearing on the outcome and thus, shutting […]

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Verlander is Most Valuable

While the AL MVP won’t be announced until Nov. 21, I didn’t want to go an entire year without writing a blog post and so I felt it necessary to get something out before Nov. 15 hit. As I’ve indicated in the past, there are no bigger frustrations in my life than those dealing with […]

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BBWAA fail NL ROY voting

Accountability. Does this concept exist in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA)? Reading up on their web site, the mantra for this group is as follows: “Its purpose is to ensure proper working conditions in press boxes and clubhouses, and to ensure its members have access to players and others in the game so […]

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NBA Season Preview 2010-2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited for an upcoming NBA season (probably not since 2000-2001 when Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill were supposed to lead Orlando to the promised land). However, this year the excitement is not entirely fueled by good intentions. Sure the Magic are in the running for the title, however […]

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NBA Midseason Report 2010

Since COMCAST has neglected to shut down their free League Pass demo offering since January, I’ve watched my fair share of NBA in the new year and wished to pass along some thoughts, observations and predictions for the 2nd half of the 2009-2010 season. Orlando Magic Positionally, this team is where I expected them to […]

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Best of Sports 2009

I heart sports, so it’s only natural for me to run an end-of-year segment highlighting the biggest stories in sports. While I’m not here to retell any specific story (that’s what the conveniently placed ESPN links are for), I thought it would be fun to count down the Top 10 greatest moments in the year […]

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Habs 100 Season

The Montreal Canadiens’ 2009 NHL campaign was supposed to be a season of hope and an energized quest towards the 25th Stanley Cup in franchise history. Coming off a 47 win year which earned the Habs top honors in the Eastern Conference last year, there was plenty of buzz surrounding the monumental Centennial season for […]

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2009 MLB Season Preview

Opening Day is in the books and what better time to deliver my 2009 MLB Season Preview post. This day definitely ranks among the the top 4-5 sports days of the year on par with the SuperBowl, March Madness Thursday, NHL/NBA Playoff openers and to a lesser extent Daytona 500 and Masters Sunday. It represents […]

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