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‘Bull Durham’ Movie Review

So I may be 12 years late to the game here, however there is always a young generation of baseball fans that could benefit from this review. I happened to stumble upon this movie only after a friend at work recommended it with high praise and scolded me, a baseball fan, for not having watched […]

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‘Friends’ The Movie – Numbers make cents

May 6 marks the 5 year anniversary of the ‘Friends’ series finale which ended a successful 10 seasons on NBC broadcast television. During its run, ‘Friends’ remained a Top 5 ranked show in every season except for the 1st (#8) even reaching #1 in 2002 (which also resulted in an Emmy win for Best Comedy […]

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2009 Oscar Predictions

Since I have only seen 3 Oscar nominated films from 2008 (Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Dark Knight), I didn’t feel like I had enough credibility to predict winners for this year’s Oscar Awards. Instead, I decided to look back and see how the Golden Globes did in predicting winners. […]

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‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Movie Review

I had wanted to watch this movie when I first heard about it in December. However, I never got around to a viewing until late January after which the film had already won Golden Globes, SAG Awards and been nominated for 10 Oscars. It almost seemed unfair to have had the bar set so high […]

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‘Notorious’ Movie Review

Growing up, my favorite rapper was Notorious B.I.G. and I had a chance to relive his life story in this film. I’m glad the movie did not come out too much later than it did so as to keep memories of the rap giant relatively in perspective. Outside of some minor details, there wasn’t too […]

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